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Lorraine Mead Schwable scrapbook, circa 1912
Mary Worthington diary, 1909-1910
Ellen D. Ellis photo album, 1889-1901
Unidentified student scrapbook, 1920
Jane Beardwood photograph album, circa 1912
Letter from Marie Litzinger to her parents, May 2, 1917
Hilda Sprague-Smith photograph album, circa 1905-1909
Julia Thompson Turner photograph album, 1906-1910
Letter from Marie Litzinger to her parents, October 14, 1917
Amy L. Steiner photograph album, circa 1899
Eva Levin Milbouer photograph album, circa 1933
Mary Worthington diary, 1907
Elizabeth Yarnall Maguire photograph album, 1908-1913