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Chanda Prescod-Weinstein retweet of strike demands
Update: November 5, 2020 (Instagram post)
Why We Strike (Instagram post)
HC Strike Organizers and Admin Conversation November 10, 2020
Stay Disruptive, Stay Vigilant/In Anger and Power (Instagram post)
Anti-Racism Commitments and Strike Responses 2.0
Anti-Racism Commitments 2.1
11.8 Response to President Raymond’s 11_6 Response to Revised Demands
Anti-Racism Commitments 2.1
"To the University I'll Steal, and There I'll Steal" (Instagram post)
Let's Not Forget Why We Entered This Strike: Day 13 (Instagram post)
Practicing and Enforcing Real Solidarity
Haverford Senior Staff Accede to Most Strike Demands
New Responses to Strike Demands from President Raymond
Contentious Meeting Between Admin, Organizers, Showcases Obstacles to Resolving Strike
Today We Celebrate tweet