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Message from President Raymond and Dean Bylander
Our message from earlier today
HC Strike Day 13 Update
Message from Linda Strong-Leek, Provost
Message from Wendy Raymond, November 4, 2020
Note to Faculty: Support of Student Strike
Message from Wendy Raymond, November 5, 2020
Seeking Support re: Bullying
Afternoon Exchanges with Wendy, November 8, 2020
Message from Wendy Raymond, November 11, 2020
11.2.20 - Response to President Raymond’s 11.2 Email
Nov 6 Update from President Raymond
Nov 6 Addendum from President Raymond
A message from CSSP
Message from President Raymond, November 8, 2020
November 8th email with recording of November 5th meeting with strike organizers
[HC STRIKE] 11.8 Response to President Raymond’s 11_6 Response to Revised Demands
Nov. 9 Update from President Raymond
Message from Wendy Raymond, October 30, 2020