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The Journal, a Quaker periodical, was established in 1873 in Philadelphia by Joseph Gibbons (1818-1883) who had trained as a physician. He was assisted and then suceeded in this endeavor by his daughter, Marianna Gibbons. In 1885 The Journal merged with Friends Intelligencer, the major Hicksite Quaker weekly.

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The Journal

Unlike most communities its size, the Swarthmore has boasted a number of newspapers covering both College and Borough news. The Swarthmore Phoenix, published on campus, was bugun in December of 1881. The first community paper was the Swarthmore, published by the indefatigable John A. Cass. In 1929, the Swarthmorean appeared and continues as a weekly publication. Other newspapers such as the Borough, the Independent, and a 1905-1906 College Press periodical called the Swarthmorean were short-lived.

Surviving issues of the Swarthmorean and the Swarthmore News have been microfilmed. Digitization of the of this collection was funded by the Swarthmore Historical Society.

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The Swarthmorean and the Swarthmore News, 1914-2013

The Trumans and Underhills were prominent Philadelphia-area Quaker families with close ties to Swarthmore College and active in social concerns. The collection includes six albums and other miscellaneous photographs and silhouettes.

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Truman-Underhill Photograph Collection

William I. Hull's unfinished A History of Swarthmore College (ca. 1934) is an invaluable resource for historians interested in the early history of Swarthmore College. The two draft volumes are in typescript with handwritten annotations and include Origin & Founding, 1850-1869 (I) and The First Generation, 1869-1902 (II).

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William I. Hull Papers

Records of Wilmington Monthly Meeting and its predecessors, 1750-2017, as follows: Orthodox vital records, 1790-1961; Hicksite vital records, 1735-1961; Hicksite minutes, 1750-1981; Orthodox minutes, 1827-1945; Hicksite women's minutes, 1720-1891; Orthodox women’s minutes, 1827-1909; Hicksite minutes of Worship & Ministry and its predecessors, 1757-1960; Orthodox ministers’ and elders’ minutes, 1829-1945; Hicksite and Orthodox financial records (includes Orthodox), 1788-1963; scrapbooks, 1924-56; First-day School, 1868-1914; Young Friends, 1894-1901; Wilmington Friends Service Committee, 1900-1952; and many other committee records and miscellaneous papers of both Orthodox and Hicksite Friends.

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Wilmington Monthly Meeting of Friends


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