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Records of Salem Monthly Meeting, 1675-2015, include: men's and joint meeting minutes, vital records, women's minutes, Ministers and Elders' minutes, manuscript copies of men's minutes, miscellaneous papers, property records, and newsletters.

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Close up of a petition signed by members of Salem Monthly Meeting calling for an end to slavery in New Jersey

Largely correspondence of Samuel M. Janney with family and with friends such as John Comly, Joseph Dugdale, Benjamin Ferris, William Dudley Foulke, Isaac T. Hopper, Halliday Jackson, Horace W. Mann, James and Lucretia Mott, Edward Parrish, Moses Sheppard, and George M. Truman. The collection includes letters written during the period of the Civil War and during the period of Janney's Indian Superintendency, also letters of members of his family to one another, his manuscript journal (published 1881 as Memoirs), sermons and essays, manuscripts for his History of the Religious Society of Friends, vol. III, vol. IV , The Life of George Fox; with a Dissertation on the Views of George Fox concerning the Doctrines of the Christian Church, and The Life of William Penn. Also his Day Book, 1825-1856.

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Old photograph of Samuel M Janney sitting

Sarah Hopper Palmer (1796-1885) was the eldest child of Isaac T. Hopper (1771-1852), noted Hicksite Quaker abolitionist and social reformer. The collection was apparently compiled as a basis for Lydia Maria Child's Life of Isaac T. Hopper, which was first published in 1853. This collection includes the correspondence of Isaac T. Hopper which includes references to his work with Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, the Anti-slavery Society of New York, and the New York Prison Association.

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Neutral portrait of Isaac T Hopper standing

The Swarthmore College Peace Collection has over 150 propaganda posters from the early years of the Soviet Union (1920s-1930s). These posters have been digitized and the images placed in a database with information about each poster. The text included in some of the posters has been translated into English.

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Poster depicting women and their families walking towards some tables with the text "free the women" in Russian

There are more than 1,400 stamps, seals, stickers, and imprinted envelopes in this collection. The majority of these contain images and/or messages that propagate peace and social justice. A smaller portion promote war or recommend neutrality during times of war. Of particular note are rare nineteenth century anti-slavery stickers and the dozens of stamps created from peace posters drawn or painted by high school students, 1939–1940.

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Stamp with the U.N. logo and the title "Reform and Promote the U.N. for the Planethood Age!"

The Swarthmore College Bulletin is the official alumni magazine of the college. It evolved from the Garnet Letter, a newsletter published by the Alumni Association beginning in 1935. After World War II, college staff assumed responsibility for the periodical, and in 1952 it was renamed the Swarthmore College Bulletin. (The renaming apparently had more to do with postal regulations than an editorial decision. Since 1902, the College had been calling all of its mailed periodicals the Swarthmore College Bulletin, with each volume spanning an academic year and typically including a course catalog issue and an annual report issue, with a varying number of other special issues.)

The first editor of the Swarthmore College Bulletin alumni issue was Kathryn “Kay” Bassett ’35. After a few years, Maralyn Orbison Gillespie ’49 was appointed editor and held the position for 36 years, during which she reshaped the mission of the magazine from focusing narrowly on Swarthmore College to reporting broadly on the college's impact on the world at large. Gillespie currently appears on the masthead as Editor Emerita.

Today, the quarterly Swarthmore College Bulletin is an award-winning alumni magazine sent to all alumni, parents, faculty, staff, friends of the College, and members of the senior class.

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Cover of Swarthmore College Bulletin Alumni Issue, December 1953, with a photograph of some football players


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