Quaker Broadsides and Pamphlets


The Quaker Broadsides and Pamphlets collection consists of over 800 titles from the collections of Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College and Haverford College Quaker & Special Collections. It includes works from 1657 to the present. Some of the items in the collection are composed of a single, unfolded sheet with printing on only one side. Many others, however, are multiple pages and smaller sizes. Topics of the broadsides include: exhortations by Quakers against the slave trade; testimonials regarding deceased Friends; petitions to government authorities for recognition of various Quaker testimonies, including conscientious objection to war and refusal to take oaths; advice and caution to Quakers regarding their conduct of life; and theological arguments both within the Society of Friends and regarding other religions.

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From our Yearly Meeting of Friends, held in New-York, by adjournments, from 25th of Fifth-month, 1840, to the 29th of the same, inclusive : to the Quarterly, Monthly and Preparative Meetings thereunto belonging
To the society of people called Quakers
Now in the press and speedily to be published, by Joseph Crukshank, printer, Market-Street, Philadelphia, well bound in one volume (price four Shillings and six Pence): Some account of the life and gospel labours, of William Reckitt, late of Lincolnshire
The tryal of Spencer Cowper, esq., John Marson, Ellis Stevens, and William Rogers, gent., upon an indictment for the murther of Mrs. Sarah Stout, a Quaker, before Mr. Baron Hatsell, at Hartford assizes, July 18, 1699, of which they were acquitted
Lothario's answer to Sarah the Quaker, in the shades .
Advice of the Yearly Meeting, 1791, to be read at least once in the year, in each of the Men's and Women's Quarterly and Monthly Meetings.
At the Yearly Meeting of Ministers and Elders, held in New York, on the 25th, 29th, and 31st of 5th month, 1850
At the Yearly Meeting of Ministers and Elders, held in New-York, on the 22nd, 26th, and 28th of the Fifth-month, 1847
At the Yearly Meeting of Women Friends, held in New-York, by adjournments, from the 23rd to the 27th of 5th Month, inclusive, 1836 : Epistles have been received by this Meeting, from the Yearly Meetings of London, Dublin, Rhode Island, Philadelphia, Balti
To Friends belonging to the Monthly Meeting in Southwark [on their attendance of religious meetings] .
City of Philadelphia; I, Henry Flower... Being admitted into the franchises, liberties and advantages of the said City of Philadelphia... The above said Henry Flower subscribed these presents & was thereupon admitted &c. Recorded Free-man the 6th---day of
Forgery detected, and prophane romancing reprehended, in a brief account, 1st. Of Tho. Hicks his last legacy to the Quakers (pretended) 2dly. Of an idle romance, stiled, The Quakers art of courtship
An address to the members of the Society of Friends in Ireland
The poor vicar's plea against the Quakers Bill, and for the present benefit of recovering his small tythes by the help of the Ecclesiastical Court : Addressed to his representatives in Parliament.
Extracts from the British Friend ... : [being] The division in New England.
To the members of the Representative Meeting .
To the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania : - The Remonstrance of ... Friends in Pennsylvania, &c., respectfully showeth; That a bill
From our yearly-meeting, held at Philadelphia, for Pennsylvania and New-Jersey, from the 17th, to the 21st day of the 7th Month.  1737
At a Meeting of the Representatives ... held in Philadelphia, Third month 16th, 1860 : Several articles have appeared
State of the case of several of the people called Quakers, imprisoned in York Castle, for the non-payment of tithes