Haverford LGBTQ History Collection


The materials in this collection were digitized and cataloged by Chris Bechen (Haverford Class of 2018) and formed the core of Bechen's Summer 2016 project "That Which is Renamed, but Always Remains: An Archival Representation of Queer History at Haverford College." It is drawn from a wide variety of materials from the Haverford College Archives in order to highlight LGBTQ history at Haverford. Materials from the Gay People's Alliance recordsBisexual, Gay, and Lesbian Alliance records; and Sexuality and Gender Alliance records are especially well-represented in this collection.

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SAGA Journal
GPA Lounge Logbook
Treatment of homosexuals differs at BMC, HC
BGALA forms, states its purpose
Letter to Customs Committee
Pink Triangle Comment 39
Pink Triangle Comment 38
The Gay People's Alliance Proposals for Customs
OutTalk Submission 08
OutTalk Submission 13
OutTalk Submission 16
OutTalk Submission 25
OutTalk Submission 27
OutTalk Submission 37
OutTalk Submission 35
OutTalk Submission 36
January 1991 Prism
March 1991 Prism
OutTalk Submission 20
Fall 1987 Prism