Cope Evans Family Papers


The Cope Evans Family Papers contain the letters of the closely related Quaker families of Cope and Evans who lived in Germantown, Pennsylvania.  The materials  in the collection were created between 1730-2009. Letters  discuss family, friends and home life, and reflect the social environment of these Quaker families.  Other topics to be found within the letters include Philadelphia history, Haverford history, travels in Europe, education, illness and death, and discussions of national events such as the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the assassinations of Presidents Lincoln and McKinley.  They are a rich source of information on a large number of topics.

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1865 October 16, Newport, to Lilly and Chelly
Letter from Annette Cope, Baveno, Italy,  to Lilly, 1878 June 30
1893 October 29, Woodbourne, to dear Carrie
1879 August 31, Montrose, to Mother
1893 November 3, Awbury, to Dear Lillie
1872?, Lake Mohonk, to Father & Mother
1869, to My dear sister Anna & Lily & Chellie
1862 August 24, Awbury, to My dear children
1873 August 1, Awbury, to brother & sister
Letter from Rachel Cope Evans to Elizabeth Stewardson Cope, 1935 April 25
1869 August 29, Cape May, to Rachel, Philadelphia
1886 July 8, Auburn, to Dear Lilly
Letter from Rachel R. Cope Evans to Elizabeth S. Cope, 1925 November 11
1889 July 23, Dear Little Nibble
1885 August 1, Philada, to Lillie
1876 April 9, Awbury, to Lilly
1879 August 20, Montrose, to Mother
1905 August 6th, Woodbourne, to Dearest Rachel
1897 January 1, Awbury, to Mother
1907 July 4, Awbury, to My dear Lillie